Collecting outstanding claims from consumers is a profession in its own right. Especially for this purpose, BVCM has founded Call2Collect: a separate collection organization that focuses entirely on private (bulk) claims.
Call2Collect is a separate business that provides services of the same high level of quality as BVCM, with the same customer focus. It’s for a good reason that Call2Collect also carries the NVI hallmark.
Collection with customer retention
Call2Collect has evolved as an innovative B2C collection partner. A partner that takes the lead in modern collection- and recovery techniques. Together with clients and partners, the experts of Call2Collect aspire to reach an optimum collection result with customer retention. Wherever payment falters between purchase and eventual payment, Call2Collect always keeps an eye on your commercial interests.

Do you also have to deal with non-paying customers regularly? See what Call2Collect can do for you.