BVCM proud partner of digitalAngel
BVCM will take on the entire credit management- and BPO for digitalAngel. From electronic invoicing to the actual payment. 

digitalAngel is a true pioneer in e-Health. digitalAngel is a digital environment where healthcare professionals and clients inspire each other and talk about what they can do to organize healthcare in a smarter way.

The platform keeps knowledge institutions, manufacturers and dealers informed of what is happening, what is needed of the care providers and what people consider is important for their well-being. All these things are important for the development of innovative product concepts, new services and improved care applications.

Today, digitalAngel has announced a worldwide collaboration with Dell Boomi within in the field of e-Health. This is the start of a revolutionary future within the healthcare sector.

Read the full press release here.
Read the full case study here.
  • 6 March 2018