Do you need a(ny) temporary worker(s)?
We like to think along with you in your challenges with regards to your staffing right from the start. Together with you, we define your capacity objectives and the desired interpretation. Then we select the right professional for your credit management or finance department.
Continuity guaranteed
BVCM helps you to ensure and improve the continuity of your financial department. Through the efforts of our finance professionals, we make it possible for our clients to respond flexible to utilization issues.
Immediately employable
BVCM offers a range of experienced, well-educated employees who are available immediately. We are able to help you promptly and efficiently to fill your temporary vacancy. Our professionals are able to achieve the desired results, based on the objectives defined in advance.


  1. Orientation and analysis
  2. Project definition
  3. Introduction of the candidate
  4. Placement
  5. Frequent evaluation
Are you looking for a permanent worker? Have a look at our Recruitment and Selection page

Are you a credit management or financial professional and do you aspire to help our customers to optimise their processes or manage their people? View our vacancy page. You will find all vacancies for temporary and permanent employment.


  • Wide experience
  • Flexible approach
  • Little or no training time
  • Personal intake