BVCM offers you a user-friendly platform, that can be used to send out electronic invoices and other important financial documents. Besides reducing the usage of paper in your organization, e-invoicing has many other advantages.

Time and cost saving
BVCM offers you a care-free online e-invoicing system. This SaaS-solution connects easily with your current ERP-system, without the use of extra additional hardware and software. This way your own administration is still leading. With just one mouse click, you can start saving on your shipping- and billing costs (from 60 till 70 percent), you will increase your customer retention and your DSO will drop with at least 20 percent. With the help of a special track-and-trace-module, you can see the status of your invoice.

Client friendly
BVCM's e-Invoicing solution will increase your service level. Your clients profit of multi-channel delivery possibilities: invoices can be sent by e-mail, Basware, OB10 or Digipoort - based on the client's preferences. Your customers will have access to the online e-invoicing archive and are able to download the files in different formats (such as PDF, XML and UBL 2.0).

Internationally employable 
When you send out invoices to clients abroad, e-invoicing from BVCM will make sure that your invoices are sent in the language of the debtor and be delivered according to the laws and regulations for invoicing of the country concerned. If you prefer, a link will be sent with the options for the payment methods available in that country.

Internationally deployable
E-invoicing is created with the thought of doing business internationally. When invoices are being sent to customers abroad, the e-invoicing system from BVCM makes sure your invoices are delivered in accordance with the laws and regulations for that specific country. The bill will be produced in the language of the debtor that the invoice will be sent to. Optionally, a link to the avaiable payment methods in that country can be sent.
Credit management efficiency spreadsheet
Are you curious about how efficient your debtor management is? Calculate your AR through our efficiency spreadsheet. With this (free) spreadsheet you gain insight into the efficiency of your current process. You can also discover how BVCM's e-invoicing solution can help you with reducing your costs and improving your cash flow. 


BVCM’s e-invoicing system can be accessed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and is highly user-friendly.


  • Global Network
  • Helps you save costs
  • Quick implementation
  • Reduces your DSO
  • BPO