Become a full sparring and discussion partner for all your internal and external customers. Learn conversation techniques, conflict management, complementary thinking and working, reflecting and ‘thinking in opportunities’. 

For whom?
For all staff of the Debt Collection, Finance and Accounting departments and for other Credit & Risk professionals. This training is intended for anyone who has ever wondered: Who are my customers really? Am I being opposed or do I fail to see the solution? How can I get the co-operation I need? Why doesn’t  the other person want to see it, and why does he or she not change?

Purpose of the training
After this training you will be able to determine who can help you and your employer to advance, whether this is inside or outside the organisation. You understand what you can do to get others going. In short: you have become a full sparring and discussion partner for all your internal and external customers.
What will you learn?
In this training, you will learn communication and negotiation techniques and conflict management. You will practice additional thinking and reflection. After the training, you will be able to handle complains effectively to improve your customer relations and to turn problems into opportunities. 

Training courses at BVCM
BVCM's training courses are always interactive and practice-oriented: you will be given specific instruments and techniques which you can immediately apply into your day-to-day work. Also after the training you can continue to benefit from our feedback and advice and if you wish we can coach on the job. As we map out your work situation and learning objective in advance, the training is always fully coherent with your day-to-day practice.