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If repeated requests for payment have not resulted in your customer settling his account, BVCM will be able to carry out the required legal proceedings on your behalf, thus forcing your delinquent customer to settle his bill.

To this end, BVCM employs legal experts who specialise in enforcing payment. They will always give you an honest opinion on the likelihood that your claim will be recovered. Once the legal proceedings have been completed, a carefully selected bailiff will execute the judgement and try to collect the sums owed to you in this manner.

Executing the judgement at a later stage – holding on to a claim
If the judge has awarded a claim, but the bailiff fails to recover the sum owed, the civil judgment can be executed at a later stage. After all, civil judgments remain enforceable on debtors for 20 years. Each year, BVCM will assess whether your claim is enforceable now. In other words, we will make an annual assessment of whether a judgment debtor is now in a position to pay off his debt to you.  BVCM offers this deferred execution service through an online platform called Bewaakmijnzaak.com. This service is offered in cases where a debtor is a natural person, a current or former general partnership, or a current or former one-man business. 


In addition to sending final payment reminders and engaging in pre-legal recovery procedures, BVCM offers legal recovery procedures as part of its complete debt-collection service package. In consultation with you, we will do our utmost to avoid having to take legal steps. However, if legal steps are required to recover the sum owed to you, you will be pleased to learn that BVCM is highly competent at carrying out legal debt-recovery procedures.
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