Amrish Bissumbhar

BVCM have represented our collections business for many years and does so satisfactorily. The files are immediately picked up and monitored by a designated contact after the transfer. Kiwa does not have to check whether the customers are approached intensively, we know from experience that this actually happened. With the help of specialized knowledge and the correct approach of BVCM, the customer experience of Kiwa and the good communication between them, the files are almost all settled in the amicable phase, often with customer retention.   

Besides the collection work of BVCM, they also provide training in the field of credit management. Several employees of Kiwa have already been trained and benefitted greatly from it in daily activities. 

If required we can also hire temporary staff at busy times via BVCM. It is very pleasant to know that this is feasible in the short term. In short, BVCM is ambitious, reliable and involved 

In short, BVCM is ambitious, reliable and involved and those are exactly the core values of Kiwa. So we are a good match!