Become a credit risk assessment and restriction expert. Learn how you can set up and adjust a customer acceptance policy and pick up the essential points of the policy.

For whom?
For everybody who has to assess and minimise credit risks: all staff of the Debt Collection and Finance & Accounting departments and for other Credit & Risk professionals.
This training is intended for anyone who has ever wondered: What risks am I prepared to take as a company with my customers? Do we deliver against invoice, or would I rather receive advance payment? How is my customer’s financial situation and what are the consequences for my trade relation? How can I critically check the opinion of a trade information agency or a credit insurance?

Purpose of the training
After this training you will be able to analyse the creditworthiness of prospects and existing customers and you will be able to determine if credit acceptance will be flawless and objective. In short: you will be able to reduce the operating risks and improve the profits.
What will you learn?
You will learn to make an expert analysis of financial statements. You will also learn what aspects are important to determine and calculate a credit limit, how to use standard commercial ratios and which essential points are important in setting up a customer acceptance policy.

Training courses at BVCM
BVCM's training courses are interactive and practice-oriented: this means that you will be given specific instruments and techniques which you can directly apply to your day-to-day work. After the training you are able to continue to benefit from our feedback and advice and if you wish we can coach you on the job. Beforehand we inquire about your work situation and learning objective, this will make the training coherent with your day-to-day practice.