Current and relevant information provides an insight into the credit score of your (future) customer. What does their payment behavior, the business-structure, ratings, years- and key figure look like? In other words: does their financial situation measure up to the desired level? with the credit information that is collected, analyzed and evaluated by BVCM, you are able to reduce your credit risks. 
Reliable partner
Our independent information partner creditDevice provides us with credit information with the desired quality and speed. You can request credit reports online yourself at any given time and at competitive and transparent rates.
  • Unique application for screening customers and portfolio management
  • A single page with most essential information
  • Customized monitoring-options and the possibility for Realtime alerts
  • The latest insights into the clients payment patterns
  • Online and up-to-date information on 125 million companies in the Netherlands and abroad
  • Recognized by all credit insurers for domestic and foreign use, as well as self-evaluation
  • Clear and transparent payment system

Bundle profit
Do you have insights into the number of credit reports that are used by the organization? You can take advantage of an attractive rate for our reports by making use of a bundle. Together, we make a precise estimate of the consumption of credit reports within your organization. We then proceed to propose a bundle that fits in perfectly with the number of credit reports you consume on average and settle the difference based on the actual number every month. 

Our credit professionals also provide customized reports.


Still haven't received a payment since your last reminder?

The next logical step would be a pre-debt collection from BVCM.  With the pre-debt collection from BVCM, we will increase your chances of getting paid whilst maintaining your client.

Do you want to send a pre-debt collection letter?

Contact us: +31(0)20-3460746.


  • Cost reducing
  • Preservation of relationship with your client
  • Focus on a quick payment
  • Efficient