With Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), BVCM will take all the work connected with your credit management-processes off your hands. We will take care of the whole invoicing and debtor management in good conscience: from sending the invoice, processing of payments to any legal measures.

Personal approach
Our credit management professionals fully relieve you from your credit management  duties. They remind your debtors, on your behalf, both in writing and by telephone, to pay outstanding invoices. In doing so, they never lose sight of the fact that they are your debtors and operate with a personal, conservative and client friendly approach. By evaluating with you regularly, we optimize the processes and monitor the customized policy. Through our knowledge and experience, we can achieve excellent results and thereby a lower DSO and less depreciations.
Advantages of outsourcing
When you leave your credit management up to the professionals of BVCM, it will reduce your costs and increase your liquidity, which leaves your organization with more time for its core business. This will result in a higher customer satisfaction and continuity of your business.
Credit management efficiency spreadsheet
Do you find yourself asking how you can calculate your ROI in a simple way? With our efficiency spreadsheet, you will be able to look into the efficiency of your current process. Besides having a look at your efficiency the spreadsheet will also show how an e-Invoicing solution from BVCM can help you to save on your costs and optimize the cash flow. 
You can download the spreadsheet by clicking the blue button and filling out the form. 

Calculate your efficiency here

Wish to learn more?
Do you want to know what the benefits of outsourcing are for your organization? We would like to tell you.
Leave your debtor management in the capable hands of bvcm’s credit-management professionals to ensure continuity.


  • Reduced costs
  • Increased liquidity
  • Reduced DSO
  • Improved customer satisfaction