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BVCM can send pre-debt collection letters on your behalf. This will relieve you of your worries about consumers not paying. 
The pre-collection is a last reminder in your own name, but on the BVCM stationery. In this reminder we ask the debtor, within a time limit and without collection costs, to fulfill the claim directly to your own bank account. 
We do this by sending an e-mail or a letter. In both posts, we expressly mention that this is the last chance the debtor has to pay the outstanding invoice free of charge before we start a collection process.

Still haven't received a payment since your last reminder?

The next logical step would be a pre-debt collection from BVCM.  With the pre-debt collection from BVCM, we will increase your chances of getting paid whilst maintaining your client.

Do you want to send a pre-debt collection letter?

Contact us: +31(0)20-3460746.


  • Cost reducing
  • Preservation of relationship with your client
  • Focus on a quick payment
  • Efficient