Our Romanian staff from Vos Logistics in Cluj-Napoca have successfully completed the English training courses: Communications with customers and colleagues & Debt collection by telephone.

We have developed a great partnership with BVCM over the year for both our Credit Management and Customer Service activities.

Traditionally we deal with only one debt collection company. But we needed a good benchmark to evaluate quality and results. We decided to link up with another party which was BVCM. Since 2011 we use their services to our full satisfaction.

Ever since the founding of BVCM, in 2005, they represent my collection cases.  

A few years ago we had the need for a new debt collection partner. After being visited by a few debt collection agencies we preferred that BVCM  would be our new partner. 

For years at full satisfaction Brunel uses the credit management of BVCM; Pre-collection, Collections, Secondment and Selection. We see BVCM as an extension of our activities that provide us with solutions in almost all situations.