The demand for good staff increases, while the supply in the market declines. That makes it a great challenge to find appropriate candidates for your vacancies. The comprehensive network of BVCM People in finance and credit management guarantees professional candidates. Thanks to our broad knowledge and years of experience, we can select the most suitable employee in the short term.
How do we do this?
Before initiating the recruitment process, we will set up a meeting with you to consult you on your requirements and preferences regarding the position that needs to be filled. Once we have obtained this information, we will start searching for suitable candidates in our extensive high-quality network. 
Afterwards, we will select potential candidates, have in-depth pre-selection discussions,  carry out diploma- and reference checks and, in consultation with you, schedule job interviews. Once you have decided on a candidate, we will schedule a first assessment meeting. 

Clear arrangements
Let's start by saying that we offer our recruitment services on the basis of no cure, no pay. We are not satisfied until you are. We will discuss the nature of our collaborative efforts with you beforehand. Do you wish a predetermined fee at employment of the applicant or prefer a different construction? Either option is fine with us.

If you are looking for a temporary employee, please refer to our temp services page


We will separate the wheat from the chaff and provide you with a suitable candidate at short notice. Our service extends across all job levels. Whether you are looking for a controller, CFO, credit manager or debtor manager, we will find them for you.
Thanks to our many years of experience, we be able to help you quickly find the right candidates.

Looking for a job?
Are you a credit management- or finance-professional and do you want to help our clients to optimize their processes or to lead their people? Then check our careers page. There you will find the current open positions, for both permanent and temporary jobs.


  • Extensive network of job seekers and potential job candidates
  • Face-to-face intake interview
  • Assessment (optional)
  • High-quality diploma and reference check