BVCM stands for 'Bureau voor Credit Management'. From credit reports to legal processes, from collection to detachment. BVCM provides all of the components within the prospect-to-cash-chain.
The best possible result
From our start in 2005 we constantly have made a daily effort to achieve the best possible results for our clients. After all, you are only as good as your last performance. Since then we have grown into an international full service credit management specialist. We have deploy our services for hundreds of customers both locally in the  Netherlands as globally. BVCM continues to develop and find new ways to fulfill all her our customer’s needs in the field of credit management.
Committed staff
Thanks to the daily great commitment of our staff, we are able to perform at our best. Our professionals are always striving for the maximum result, in close cooperation with our client. This committed attitude makes the difference in creating great added value to our clients. BVCM is your innovative partner for to credit management.


‘No nonsense’ and ‘with both feet on the ground’ are accurate descriptions of the BVCM-culture. The open culture of the organization stimulates the employees to contribute to the development of our organization. We aim to live up where we stand for, with maximum bet.

Enthusiasm, boundless commitment and our drive for innovation provide the rest.
If you want to calculate your collection costs we are there to help you.
BVCM believes that professional debtor management and timely collection will create a better relationship between client and customer.
Collection costs
Including tax (21%)*

* Only if you cannot offset VAT