Debt Collection

BVCM believes that professional debtor management and timely debt collection contribute to improved customer relationships. Our debt collection strategy is therefore always focused on a personalized and customer-friendly approach to collection, which we refer to as relational recovery. This enables us to achieve maximum results while maintaining customer loyalty.

Drawing from our extensive experience as a debt collection agency, we collaborate with our partners to optimize your entire credit management, encompassing services and personnel. From customer selection to (e)-invoicing and payment processing, we are dedicated to elevating your credit management to a higher level through the use of advanced digital technologies such as e-invoicing and machine learning. We consistently strive for the most efficient and effective debt collection processes. If you're seeking to have unpaid claims collected through 'No Cure No Pay' debt collection, BVCM is the right partner for you. Our highly educated professionals possess extensive experience in efficient, out-of-court debt recovery. This holds true both nationally and internationally, as our native-speaking debt collection account managers successfully recover your unpaid invoices abroad.

In addition to pre-collection and amicable debt collection, legal debt collection constitutes an integral part of the comprehensive debt collection process offered by BVCM. While we make every effort to avoid legal steps, we are prepared to guide this procedure when it becomes unavoidable. With BVCM, you can be assured of quality throughout the entire debt collection process.