BVCM will take care of your claims outside of the Netherlands. From Amsterdam, our native speaking professionals speak to your debtor in their own language. In addition, BVCM is a part of the international network GCS, with over one hundred offices in 90 countries. This allows us to collect for you worldwide.

We have our own office in Curacao, that operates in the entire Caribbean and all of North and South America. More information can be found on our contact page.


In addition to pre-collection, pre-debt collection and legal debt recovery, BVCM also offer international debt recovery as part of our collection services. A debtor who does not pay an outstanding claim is annoying, but it can be even more difficult if the debtor lives abroad.

Issues such as language barriers, cultural differences, laws and regulations make (international) collection difficult and time-consuming. Therefore we are happy to support you with international debt recovery from BVCM. If we are unable to collect your claim from our offices in Amsterdam and/or Curacao, our international partner will still be able to collect your claim. With BVCM, quality is guaranteed!


  • International network
  • Multi-lingual debt-collection specialists
  • Reliable partners
  • One single contact