Issue of certificate: 25-01-2024

BVCM is holder of the 'Incasso Keurmerk certificate'.

All members of the NVI are holders of the Incasso Keurmerk certificate. The Incasso Keurmerk guarantees that these collection agencies work according to the criteria of the Incasso Keurmerk. These criteria set rules and standards by which the agencies must comply. This is supervised by the independent Keurmerkinstituut located in Zoetermeer.

Why the Incasso Keurmerk?
The Incasso Keurmerk means that the collection activities are outsourced to a reliable partner with high demands in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility.

For debtors the Keurmerk guarantees a correct approach and fair charging of collection costs. In the unlikely event that something has gone wrong, an independent dispute regulation applies. 

For more information see our Dutch page: http://26199879.hs-sites-eu1.com/keurmerk

Or see the website of NVI