BVCM expands its management team with Paul Akkermans


As of October 15, 2019, BVCM expanded its management team by naming Paul Akkermans as their new COO.

CEO Andre Groot explains: “BVCM faces an exponential growth regarding its national and international prospect-to-cash solutions and collection services. With the knowledge and experience, Paul adds to the organization, we will be able to direct this growth and lay a thorough foundation for the future of BVCM. Ever since he joined us in January 2019 as International Collections Manager, Paul has proven to be of a positive influence on the company. Therefore we are very thankful that he will keep on adding his value to the company as COO."

The (inter) national prospect-to-cash and collection industry is in full swing. Especially in this time of rapid change, our goal is to be a business partner of high quality. By expanding our management team with Paul Akkermans, we are fully confident to achieve that goal.