BVCM celebrates its 15th anniversary

From a small B2B collection agency to a full service credit management partner in 15 years.

BVCM is celebrating its 15th anniversary today. Over the last fifteen years not only the credit management branch has changed, but also BVCM as an organisation.


Who could have imagined that BVCM, launched in 2005 in a study in Amsterdam, would have grown over 15 years to become a fully-fledged international credit management bureau! "In any case I certainly couldn't" says Andre Groot, founder director and principal shareholder of BVCM.

"Doing what we do a bit better every day, and satisfied clients; that has been my motto since day one. Of course, BVCM could never have come this far without our dedicated personnel. By listening to our clients' wishes and offering solutions, we have managed to get to where we are now. When I began with business-to-business collection 15 years ago, I never could have imagined that years later our services would embrace the whole prospect-to-cash chain. A lot has changed in 15 years, and among other things we have survived a crisis. Besides this, legislation, software developments and digital technology have changed exponentially. Earlier I had a cabinet full of files, and I managed all our collection cases within that; nowadays software helps us to carry out the right personal actions at the right point in time. For both our debtor management and our collection activities. Personal contact, innovation and efficiency have always formed the basis of our current result. BVCM has come so far thanks to a large group of faithful clients, that we prefer to call partners. We make a maximum effort for them every day, not just in Amsterdam but also in our office in Curaçao. Together with our personnel, we are really proud of the position that BVCM has attained in the credit management landscape. The challenge is and remains to prove ourselves again every day, and to do what we do a bit better every day."

Over the years BVCM has witnessed a number of positive developments. For instance, in 2007 the takeover of IDCA took place, now known as BVCM Antilia, then in 2010 there was the launch of Call2Collect, for the collection of consumer claims, and we became a member of the NVI, at which point in time André also joined the board. Since 2015 BVCM has been a member of the international GCS network, and then in 2017 we entered into a long-term partnership with Order2Cash, which enables us to jointly offer a unique international Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) platform for order-to-cash-related activities. And in 2018 we began offering a simple payment mechanism for debtors via Pay4Sure.

BVCM anticipates considerable growth within its international credit management activities. The collection market in the Netherlands is shrinking, and as a result of various regulations BVCM does not expect any significant growth here. However, our innovative prospect-to-cash solutions give rise to many opportunities, particularly at an international level. Thanks to the application of innovations in the area of data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, BVCM is in a position to perform its services as efficiently as possible. And thanks to a sustainable partnership, our clients can focus on their own core business. In the future our personnel will continue to distinguish themselves by means of personal contact, both nationally and internationally.

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About BVCM 
BVCM is a Dutch prospect-to-cash service provider. BVCM has wide-ranging experience and an extensive track record in the field of credit management. From credit reports to legal proceedings and from collection to secondment. BVCM provides for every aspect of the prospect-to-cash chain. BVCM also handles claims outside the Netherlands. From Amsterdam and Willemstad our native speaking professionals will talk to your debtor in their own language. Besides this, BVCM is a member of the international GCS network, with more than 100 offices in 90 countries. That enables us to collect for you worldwide.

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