Corporate Social Responsibility

Good entrepreneurship contributes to the quality of our society in which factors such as people (society) and planet (environment) contribute to the making of profit. 
The vision of BVCM regarding CSR is that everyone should have the opportunity to use and display their talents. BVCM pursues an active policy to support a wide variety of people. 
Hereby factors such as gender, ethnicity or religion do not play a role. This provides a good reflection of our society. BVCM strives to offer its employees a safe and healthy work environment. BVCM is known for its transparent communication and being honest with other organizations and parties about their business. Our professionals pursue the best results, in close cooperation with its customers and partners. 
CSR within BVCM
BVCM takes its role seriously and strives to reduce the negative impact of the business world on the environment. The largest part of the organization works completely digitally, this helps to reduce the use and waste of paper. We also encourage our employees to drive in electric vehicles, to separate waste and paper and to work with our digital capabilities. 
Additionally, BVCM is investing in education and culture. We offer young students and schools the possibility to carry out education-related projects within the organization, to support the development of new skills and knowledge. After all; the younger generation now today are the employees of tomorrow. 
BVCM is constantly trying to find a balance between the different aspects of CSR and the needs of our society. And we continue to seek the interpretation that we can give as an organization to CSR, which also fits our organization. 
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