What does Vos Logistics say about BVCM?

Our Romanian staff from Vos Logistics in Cluj-Napoca have successfully completed the English training courses: Communications with customers and colleagues & Debt collection by telephone.

Below are some points I’ve gathered from every colleague participating on the Collection training we had:

  • Explicitness, clearance, very good knowledge & understanding of Collection process for Logistics area;
  • A very good explanation and integration of the 2 modules: Communication with clients & Debt collection by phone.
  • A very good method of teaching & explaining of different types of self-psychologies for a smoother Collection process.
  • Effective training based on role-playing in order to improve our day-to-day roles as collectors
  • A  lot of tips & tricks  shared by the trainer regarding the way in which we can be more efficient in recovering debts
  • Better understanding of our role within the company
  • Identification of how we perceive certain situations and how we could eliminate unimportant actions/information by being more assertive an following the steps of the negotiation in order to obtain the best outcome
  • Good approach of subject; no criticism but adding value to the already existing base

We would have probably enjoyed even more role playing (effective way of learning) and also probably a longer period of training.
Overall, our common opinion is that it has been a great experience that we would certainly like to repeat.

- Mihaela Ungur