BVCM is a credit management partner that provides practical and creative solutions. PreZero has been using their debt collection services since 2011, and they deliver added value by reviewing each file separately and maintaining close contact with caseworkers. BVCM prioritizes customization and quality over bulk thinking.

At Motrac Intern Transport B.V., we've had a longstanding relationship with BVCM Collections. They prioritize direct communication with debtors and uphold commercial standards, charging for interest and their own costs. BVCM is a reliable partner that executes their services efficiently.

Vos Logistics' Romanian staff in Cluj-Napoca completed BVCM's English training courses on Communications with customers and colleagues & Debt collection by telephone. The training received positive feedback for its effective teaching method, useful tips, and role-playing activities. 

We have built a great collaboration with BVCM over the course of the year, for both our Credit Management and Customer Service activities.


A few years back, our company needed a new debt collection partner. We met several agencies, but chose BVCM due to their well-organized approach and specific focus on our collection process. With around 6000 active B2B debtors and a dozen annual debt collection cases, BVCM provided a tailored approach for each case, and connected us with a dedicated contact person. Our partnership has been highly positive, leading us to success.

Brunel has relied on BVCM's credit management services for years, with full satisfaction. BVCM's comprehensive suite of services, proactive approach, and professional support have helped Brunel maintain a high level of credit management, finding the right solutions to their challenges.