Your clients are more likely to pay their bills quickly if you have a good relationship with them. Using BVCM’s credit management-software, you will be able to manage debtors efficiently and communicate with them properly. As this software operates in the cloud, you will be able to start using it straight away.
Through its partner, BVCM offers you flexible credit management-software, an excellent way to ensure effective and cost-conscious online credit management. Thanks to well organised lines of communication and carefully selected debtor groupings, you won’t have to worry about debtor management.
24/7 access to your files, wherever, whenever

By using BVCM’s credit-management software, you will enable everyone within your organisation to have access to the same information, at any time. No one will ever have to look for a client’s current status; the debtor’s entire payment history will be at their fingertips in your debtors’ files, completely updated. In this way, all your employees will be able to inspect invoices, agreements and complaint-handling procedures at a glance.
Clearly presented information
Using pre-defined work flows, we will automate your processes in no time and automatically place tasks and follow-up tasks to be completed on the agenda. Our highly transparent dashboard will provide you with useful management information, such as accurate overviews of your DSO, debt age analyses and cash flow projections.


Monitoring your debtors quickly and easily.


  • Working in the cloud
  • Optimises your operational processes
  • Complete overviews providing a complete insight
  • Management made easy