What does Kuehne Nagel say about BVCM?

A few years ago we had the need for a new debt collection partner.

After being visited by a few debt collection agencies we preferred that BVCM  would be our new partner. From the discussions, it was clear that we are dealing with a well-organized debt collection agency that complements our collection process.

Our pro-active debt collection policy and in-house debt collection process are aimed at the payment of our claim in due time.

With +/- 6000 active debtors (B2B) on a yearly basis and approximately twelve debt collection cases per year, where the amicable process has already been done by ourselves, we do not need a standard debt collection process but a specific approach depending on each case. BVCM made it possible for us to quickly switch and take the right path to receive a claim by connecting us with a knowledgeable fixed contact person.

We only have a very positive experience so far in which BVCM and Kuehne + Nagel maintain a good relationship that leads us to success!   

- Peter van Dijk