We often see that our clients are waiting to collect their invoices. Debtor management is then put on a slightly lower level. Sometimes it is difficult to start talking about unpaid invoices, especially when the relationship with the customer is good.

We think that a good customer relationship is important. However, a good customer relationship can only be continued if the customer also pays for the services provided. Good debtor management therefore certainly does not have to stand in the way of a good relationship with your customer. 

BVCM is an expert when it comes to (client-friendly) debtor management. We can help you in all areas and in every phase. This allows us to train your staff when it comes to good debtor management and properly trained staff can help your debtors pay their invoices earlier. 


Leave your debtor management in the capable hands of bvcm's credit management professionals to ensure continuity.



  • Reduced costs
  • Increased liquidity
  • Reduced DSO 
  • Improved customer satisfaction



Credit information

BVCM offers you credit information on over 125 million companies in the Netherlands and abroad .


  • Always up-to-date
  • Information presented in a clear format
  • Reduced level of credit risk
  • Alert -notification



Monitoring your debtors quickly and easily.

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  • Working in the cloud
  • Optimises your operational processes
  • Complete in- and overview providing a complete insight