What does Motrac Linde say about BVCM?

Ever since the founding of BVCM, in 2005, they represent my collection cases.  

First at a previous employer and since my move to Motrac Intern Transport B.V. (a former subsidiary of Pon Netherlands, now Royal Reesink) that contact remained. The nice thing about BVCM Collections is that they are in direct contact with the debtor, calling instead of writing. In all these years and hunderd of files, I have never heard a complaint about unjustified slandering, so in conclusion, it is justified to say that BVCM speaks the language of the client and takes the commercial interest and standards into account. In almost all collection cases BVCM also charges for interest and its own cost next to the principal sum. Altogether one of the few agencies that were not infatuated with a totally new concept, but it just executes.   

- Etienne Spaarwater