Discover the secrets of the accounts receivable portfolio. Do you know how to handle your portfolio and which measuring instruments (KPIs) to use?

For Whom?
For all staff of the Debt Collection, and Finance & Accounting departments and for other Credit & Risk professionals. 
This training is intended for anyone who has ever wondered: How can I get a grip on my debtor portfolio? What is important to do? How can I influence my KPIs? How do I achieve my goals? How can I think and work as pro-actively as possible?
Purpose of the training
After this training an accounts receivable portfolio will have no secrets for you. You will know the critical KPIs and how to influence them. You will understand how to make choices to achieve your goals.
What will you learn?
You will learn to think and work effectively and efficiently, to solve problems and seize your chances. You will learn to plan better, to analyse accounts receivable portfolios, to prioritise, to determine and calculate KPIs, to report, to evaluate, to present and ‘sell’ ideas. The result: you will be capable of consistently improving your performance, such as a lower DSO, higher working capital and a higher turnover per customer and ROI.

Learning cources at BVCM
The training courses from BVCM are always interactive and practice-orientated: you will be given specific instruments and techniques which you can immediately apply into your day-to-day work. After your participation in the training, you will continue to benefit from our feedback and advice and if you wish we can coach you on the job. As we map out your work situation and learning objective in advance, the training is always fully coherent with your day-to-day practice.